Sutton Court Road Studio

This small building was our HQ for five years before a basement was dug and it was transformed to a 2/3 bedroom house. This project is a good example of how one simple structure evolves over time from its humble beginnings as a stable, to an undertakers, a design studio, and then into a family home. Both a change of use and a planning application were made. We administered two separate building contracts one for the groundworks and waterproofing and the second was for the fit out. Two separate building contracts All walls were underpinned and deep excavations carried out to provide a tall and light basement that receives light from the front glazing. We were able to strike a balance of having super insulated perimeter walls whilst maintaining much of the original exposed brick and the original roof structure. The front façade is structural 


  • Change of Use Planning Permission

  • Planning  permission 

  • Construction Package 

  • Lead Designer and Contract Administration