Bethany Place


  • Design Competition entry for Hounslow Council

Joyous Streetscape – We proposed to build a garden development of four large family homes to enhance the many existing qualities of the neighbourhood. These houses are site responsive, bright and create a joyous streetscape of sunny front gardens set back from the street; providing a sociable atmosphere between the residents that will animate the street. The facetted elevations of the houses and overhanging roofline create shadows such that the appearance of the houses change with the movement of the sun. 

Family Living – Internally The open plan ground floors are spacious with wide bright living rooms; a dining table at the heart of the house; and an efficient kitchen at the rear with doors opening out onto the backs. This dual aspect design allows light to pass through from front to back bringing views of the natural landscape into the house. The needs of family members have been considered. A parent can see their children playing outside. The elderly can move around easily and occupy rooms in comfort. Quiet corners provide places to work from home. 

Communal Garden – To the north the houses look directly onto a large shared garden with mature trees, a communal sports field, vegetable patch and orchard. These gardens receive morning and evening light and come to life when children are home from school. A raised deck terrace overlooks the river locking in the landscape setting. 

We were invited to submit a design entry for Hounslow Council housing project.